Why Masturbation is Horrible for your teen

There is a lot of contradicting information about masturbation on the internet. The extent to which society broadcasts masturbation as the norm is enough to confuse a person.


Many doctors say masturbation is harmless and healthy. This ideation may be a copy-paste knowledge because some others are saying so or even as a result of the still inconclusive medical research on it.


Those in support, however, do not mention the numerous irreversible risks masturbation poses to psychological development. Masturbation has too many adverse effects on the mind and the body. A few of which are:

Early Sexual activity

In a survey carried out, 55% of the population admitted having started masturbating before the age of 10. Statistics also show that children aged 14 or less make up 57% of porn watchers under 18.


You can be sure that they will be involved in sex earlier too, research shows that a significant percentage of teens who masturbate are sexually active.


This fact is less about sex than it is about them wanting to practice the things they have seen in the porn they watch.

Porn Can Slow down development

Experts say that regular masturbation can disturb the functions of the blood, corrupt the digestive system, create constipation, impair the immune system and negatively affect the hormones that are supposed to grow and stabilise in children younger than 14. It weakens the pelvic muscles and sex organs.

Testimonies from sex addicts show that too much masturbation can cause erectile dysfunctions, thin watery semen, premature ejaculation, soft-erections, and infections in females, etc.

It is Addictive

In an online survey of teens between the age of 13 and16, 44% of them admit to masturbating more than two times a day, and some even said they masturbate while in class.


10% of 12 – 13-year-old children fear that they may have a porn addiction, according to another research.


Google analytics even show that pornography searches increase by 4700% when children are back home from school. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

It encourages fetishism

You will rarely see masturbation in older children without pornography use. If we stumbled unto pornography in the past, it was likely just a picture of a naked man or woman.


Today it is worse if a child ‘stumbles’ upon porn, its hardcore and often involves fetishes. Even the landing page of a porn site is capable of causing a lifetime of damage.


Statistics show that 30% of suicides in male aged 12- 20 are as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation. Research has also found a relationship between porn watching and future fetishes and the use of prostitutes and escort agencies.

Leads to Oversexualization

Longitudinal research showed that teens who watched porn daily tend to watch illegal or extreme porn and tried to act out the porn in their relationships. Great, this means more violence.

It affects their relationships

Statistics show 85% of women between the ages of 18-24 have masturbated and started masturbating at 13 on the average. 41% of these women prefer masturbating to having sex. Thus indicating that they lack the need for their male counterparts.


In another light, research shows that teen porn watchers find it hard to have platonic relationships with their counterparts. Like one particular teen who kept imagining his female friends with porn on their faces.


teenager sitting on skateboard during daytime


Not much can be done to stop a teen or adolescent from masturbating, we can only explain to them that although they may not understand it or see its effects immediately, in the long term and as they grow older, it can give them many health problems.

If you are still uncertain, just remember that Masturbation can be very harmful, but choosing not to masturbate is NEVER harmful. So, it’s best to avoid masturbation.


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