This new form of sexting should worry all parents. Emoji Sexting: The New Trend

We now know a lot of the language our children use in sexy texting; we are finally up to date. Right? Wrong! While we were figuring out how to use social media and learning from websites, our children have tried and succeeded – yet again – to be one step ahead of us.


Why bother in typing long texts or acronyms, when they can easily send emoji that only they would understand.


Here’s the inside scoop on what emojis mean what and how your children/teens/tweens may be using them.

This new form of sexting should worry all parents / Emoji Sexting: The New Trend

EMOJI – the new sexting language

Noone really knows how this became a metaphor for sexting, maybe because it resembles a vulva or the phrase β€˜deflowering’. Either ways, its used now to represent the vagina
Although this emoji originally meant β€œokay”, it has been re-purposed to represent anal sex.
Intercourse. Also used to represent Male and Female Genitalia
It's using emojis to be sexual. The πŸ‘‰represents a penis and the πŸ‘Œ represents the hole. Used during sexting.
Can be used to indicate a wide range of things, from β€˜horny’ to bodily fluids.
Used to imply 69ing. Simultaneous oral genital stimulation
Well, just as the name of this object indicates, this is an innuendo for β€œhaving sex”.
Humping; when one person rubs their genitals on another person.
Male Ejaculation, what more can be said about this
Used to indicate female ejaculation
A sausage in buns, I don’t think this requires much explanation…
This is derived from 50 cent’s β€œcandy shop”. Do you remember the lyrics? πŸ˜‰
This can be used to refer to a buttocks or generally as a euphemism for breasts, vagina and occasionally testicles.
Used to indicate completion and pleasure. Used more by females
This is the easiest way that one teenager can tell another that they are horny. The devil smiling indicates that the act is naughty.
All used to represent the male Genitalia
Hand Job; Fellatio; Manual stimulation of the male genitals
Ready for liftoff. His rocket is ready to visit the tunnel
Suggesting Giving a Hand job until ejaculation
Cunnilingus. Oral sex performed on a female
Can be used to suggest blow job/Fellatio/oral sex performed on a man
Although originally innocent, in the context of sexting, these hand signals can be used individually or collectively to indicate Fingering.
πŸ†πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŒ β˜Ί
The Sex was good
Shower Sex
Sex talk. Let’s talk about sex

What do you see? A blow-fish, an eggplant and a kissy emoji, yep you guessed it, this means β€˜Blow job’
To smash or hammer on the bed? Get it?

You can close your mouth now. We were just as surprised. And what’s more, these emojis can be combined in a lot more ways to infer a lot more meanings.


If as parents, we keep an open discussion at home about sexting and the dangers therein, our teens and adolescent will be less likely to participate in this activity. Learn how to talk to your teen/adolescent about sexting prevention.


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