Teen Code: Sexting Slang Manual for Parents (Part 1)

Have you even mistakenly come across your child’s chat history and come off totally lost? Do you feel as though you and your child or teen live in entirely different worlds?


Well, congratulations, you are not alone. Let me be the first to welcome you the club of parents of teens and tweens. LOL (btw, that means Laugh out Loud).


Fear not, as usual, we at PGX have you covered! Here’s a list of all the new, hip and trendy lingo your child uses in sexy texting including emoji and what they mean. You’re welcome ?


**Beware, some of them are pretty graphic**


Slang my child usedTranslation?
:CO (Digital O-Face)A replacement for the smiley face when sexting, generally used after a steamy hot sexual innuendo. It can also be used in stealth form by those with dirty minds during general text conversation, when an accidental innuendo is encountered.
303Mom. As in “is your 303 gonna be there ????”
69Simultaneous oral genital stimulation
9Parent is watching
99Parent is gone
ASLAge Sex Location
BJBlow Job
CFMNCome f*ck me now
DTFDown to F*ck
DUSLDo you scream loud?
F2WFace to waist. When you ask for a picture from the person, usually by cell phone, of their face all the way down to the waist. Clothes optional. Also involved in "sexting".
GNOCGet naked on camera
LMFSLet’s Meet for sex
MILFMom I’ll Like to F*ck
PGMPPlease Grab My Penis
Xoxistands for “Hugs and kisses and a boner.”
AHoleA** Hole
Almond Butter and Jam:The term used to convey, " A BJ?" over text without actually sending the words: " Do you want a BJ?" Best used for lovers who are sexting in secret, and afraid to be caught should someone find their phones.
BBM PoseKnown also from the Fab song "Killin' Em". "Camera in the mirror, BBM Pose". Usually a sexy mirror photo focusing on the female’s buttocks
Booty CallCall
BJBlow Job (fellatio), oral sex performed on male genitalia
Camel ToeAn effect created by trousers/shorts/tights that fit very tightly around a woman's groin, so drawing attention to the shape of the external genitals.
Cam 2 CamIndicates people at different places sending live videos of themselves over the internet at the same time. Boys Masturbate on camera while girls caress and finger themselves etc.
Dick PicsPictures of male genitalia sent over the internet.
Dry HumpThis is basically to have sex but with clothes on
Fap Chatsext
F*ck holea genital hole used for sex
F*ck Buddya friend or acquaintance with whom a person regularly has sex without the expectation of a romantic relationship.
FWBFriends with benefits
GapingButt hole is wide open
Hand Job (Handy J)Manual stimulation of a male’s genitals
HeadOral Sex
Humpthe act of rubbing one’s genitalia on or against another person's body
Netflix and Chillto meet up, “watch a movie” and have sex.
Nuclear CodesA euphemism for genitals, particularly in the context of sexting.
Nudes/NoodsNude images of a person, exposing one’s genitalia.
PhonibratorSome girls when sexting use their phone as a vibrator so when they receive sexts it vibrates to help her climax
Porn PalsFriends (with benefits) who take pleasure in emailing each other links to very hot porn. Often times used as a way to further spice up sexting.
P*ssy/Kitty/BoxVagina. Female Anatomy
Sexping:The act of committing "Skype sex."
Sharpie C*ckThe act of writing a girl’s name on you/your own penis and sexting them the picture of it- showing that they own it
Side BoobA view of the female breast seen from a side generally, under loosely-fitting clothes
TextgasmThe act of finishing texturbating or sexting successfully.
ThirstyTo be horny.
Thirst TrapNude images or videos that intend to tease or get someone horny
Wank/Beat Meat/Jerk off/FapUse by males to indicate masturbation

It’s heartbreaking realising that this isn’t even all the slangs, the list continues here. Don’t worry mom. You weren’t the only one who got overwhelmed reading that.


If you caught your child using any of these slangs, fear not! Adolescence is a stage of life characterised by risk‐taking and a poor understanding of the dangers of those risky behaviours.


Help your children understand the dangers of sexting, and we’ll rid the world of it, one teenager at a time.


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