Surprisingly Easy Ways To Prevent Pornographic Results On Google

Have you seen that episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ where the characters (scientists) are to give a talk to middle school girls about science? One of the scientists (Sheldon), to spark their interest in the subject, thinks it’s wise to get himself prepared for that lecture by searching “How do I get 12-year-old girls excited”. Thankfully he is promptly stopped by his friends.


You can see how that search could backfire right…?


How to Block Explicit Content on Searches


Every search engine is a machine. It can easily misinterpret that innocent search to bring out sensitive, illegal or adult results. Which is where the real problem lies.


Your child might have heard an unfamiliar word at school, or from tv and goes to the internet to answer his innocent questions. Google, in turn, provides millions of search results that possibly may scar your child.


1. Google

Google is the most widely used and prefered search engine in the world. Statistics show that the most searched item on other search engines is “google”.


To block explicit content on google searches, select the ‘safe search’ option at this link Safe Search or Visit, click the ‘settings’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen and select ‘search settings’ from the pop-up menu.



Doing this will lead to you a settings page, SafeSearch is the first item on the list. Tick the box that says ‘Turn on SafeSearch’. Your child’s google searches will now be free of inappropriate, explicit and adult content.


You can also decide to ‘Lock SafeSearch’ so SafeSearch mode never goes off unless you manually turn it off.


2. Bing

Bing is the second most used and prefered search engine after Google. To set up SafeSearch in Bing, visit and sign in.


Next, you can locate your settings by clicking the 3 line menu button ( ☰ ) on the top right corner of the screen, select ‘settings’, and then ‘more’ from the menu box that will appear. SafeSearch is the first thing on the page.


Choose your preferred SafeSearch settings. We recommend the ‘strict’ option, especially if you have little children.


3. Yahoo

To set up SafeSearch on yahoo, visit this link: Yahoo SafeSearch or click on the 6 dot menu button beside the ‘yahoo’ logo on the search homepage, and click on settings from the drop-down menu. The First item on the list is SafeSearch.


Choose your preferred SafeSearch setting from the drop-down menu. We recommend the ‘strict’ option if you have little children. You can also decide to ‘Lock SafeSearch’ so SafeSearch mode never goes off unless you manually turn it off.




Go to AOL Search and type anything in the search box and click Search.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click Settings.

In the SafeSearch section, choose the option you prefer and then click the SAVE button. We always recommend the ‘strict’ option if you have little children.




Search engines are a useful source of information, but they will be the death of your child’s innocence if left unchecked.


Many of the search engines confirm that safe search filtering is not 100% accurate. According to a report by Harvard Law, seemingly innocent words like ‘Beaver’ could slip through. However, filtering search results is a good start.


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