Cry for freedom

The story of a porn addict (E-Book) $5.99

Cry for freedom

Elisha’s relationship with God purposed him to encounter a new level of living beyond existence, this changed his life. At a very young age he was bound captive in the web of sexual lies and deceit; which limited his ability to achieve his full potential

Over thirteen years a servitude Elisha immersed in the trenches of pornography and masturbation which led to the horrors of a life devoid of hope. Contemplated suicide, he condemned himself and was rejected by those around him. Feeling unfulfilled he came to freedom through Jesus Christ.

Landscape of social media mines for parent

This is why I created the social media landmines blueprint.

As someone that was addicted to adult content for over ten years, I am fully aware of how devastating the effects can be.

I know how these contents are being distributed across social media platforms and what you as a parent need to be aware of and how to help equip and empower your child.

Pathway to freedom - How I overcame porn addiction

In 2006 the journey to freedom begun for Elisha Kolade. many of the tools you will find in this book will help you run your race and fight for the restoration of purity.

Nowadays we trivialize truth to what is subjective to the individual. The word of God  is powerful and is able to set any man free, even a man addicted for 14 years of His life. From immersing yourself in the word to managing your triggers and discipline. This is a handbook for your pathway to freedom.

A continuation from his biopic ‘Cry for freedom‘ this book appeals to the real issues behind pornography and sexual addictions. Truth is deemed subjective to the individual in society today. However there is one truth that is universal, Jesus.The word of God has power and is able to set any man free, even a man addicted for 14 years of His life. This is a handbook for your pathway to freedom.

Pathway to Freedom Masterclass - $197

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The ParentingenerationX - Confidence self booster

21st century guide to help you succeed in confidently addressing any sensitive questions and topics your children may ask

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Neuro Freedom Formula For Parenting - $157

Sexually explicit content can have several long-lasting repercussions on your child’s mind..
Hence, my Neuro Freedom Formula for Parenting has been designed to mitigate the potential harm that your child may encounter.
Packed in this masterclass are time tested tools you can use to help your child handle any exposure to sexual content.

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In this course you will learn

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Digital Web Concierge is a must-use resource for every parent, providing guidance on how to educate children on the safe use of the Internet, especially with respect to avoiding exposure to sexually inappropriate content.

This resource explains to me the innocent sites and social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Twitter and Tumblr, are not so innocent after all as they are potentially pathways that can lead children to pornographic content.

It also teaches me there is a curiosity gap in all children that will be filled erroneously by the Internet if care is not taken by parents.

This resource will equip you as a parent to set healthy boundaries for your child early in their lives in order to ensure and secure their healthy futures.

Someone once said that “The Internet never forgets what you input into it”. I will add that the Internet also aims at making indelible impressions on the minds of all searchers.

Our children’s minds are very impressionable, help them as parents in all ways that you can so that they are not ‘parented’ by the Internet. This resource is the right manual for parents in this new online age.
- Dr Laide

Elisha’s content is very well presented, clear and concise. It is very enlightening and informative on the various ways that kids can be lured to websites with inappropriate content.

I have learnt to take an active interest in their online activity, to constantly use positive words that instil good moral values and the importance of making right decisions.

I now regularly review my children’ online activity and constantly advise them against accepting requests from unknown people, clicking links and to tell me if anything does not look right while they are on the internet.

The key point I have taken away from digital web concierge is that as parents, the utmost responsibility is on us to protect our children and use all necessary means to do this.

It is a must watch for every parent with children in the current internet age. I look forward to more from ParentinGenerationX
- Rayo A

I have been struggling with porn addiction. I was constantly watching porn every day. It was introduced to me by a friend in school when I was 11 since then I have been addicted. One day I met with some who had gone through what I went through but I found it very hard to talk to him about it. But when I finally came clean I felt a sigh of relief. He told me how and what to do to try and stop my addiction. I just want to thank God for saving me and for introducing me to the person that helped me. All I needed to do was tell someone and my road to freedom began. Thank Jesus. Amen


"I am glad I chose to work with Elisha, this has been an area that I have tried to speak to people about or watch videos on. Most people try to deal with it on a surface level, but everyone has a reason for struggling with lust much deeper than what was initially thought. In the two sessions so far I have had I have been able to face my fantasies head on and discover the root cause behind them."


I want to thank you for answering the call of God upon your life. You see, before I contacted you I had already tried severally and failed on my own. I am not sure I was very comfortable when you started counselling me. You seemed to be digging too deep. I expected you to give me a formula to follow and tell me all will be well.

However, you took a different route. You went to the very root! We started to study the Bible. You would give me assignments to research on the Bible and get back to you. Through those personal studies, the truth of God's word started to seep into my spirit. Porn finally lost it's evil grip on my life!

In all these, my biggest testimony is not even the freedom from pornography and masturbation. It is the change that has happened in me. My entire life has taken a new turn. The word has indeed renewed my mind and affected every aspect of my existence. I get surprised at the way I respond to issues now. I have indeed become a new creation!

May God continually bless you and supply all your needs. Your labour of love and diligence in carrying out your mandate has saved my soul. May God's grace help you keep your doors open to others out there who need help. May God hold you up all the days of your life and give you a reward at the end of your race.

God bless you abundantly.

- Ada

For about 6 years now I have been attacked by pornography but after speaking to friends and pastors I finally met brother Elisha who guided and gave me a foundation for a new relationship with God it took a lot of prayer and devotion as I knew that God won’t just take it away but I needed to solve the problem from the roots so that it would not grow back one day in the future to destroy me. I just want to thank brother Elisha for his help as he saved me from an evil that could have put my life to waste and depart me from God

Thank you Lord

Emmanuel. K

Having undergone the 21 days Freedom challenge, I can honestly say that it has changed my outlook of life. Elisha offers a plethora of sound, practical advice to help you address and overcome porn/lustful thoughts. As he himself had gone through something similar, it was refreshing and uplifting to know that I was not alone. His interactive lessons, compiled with informative videos have not just been insightful but have helped me to understand what my triggers are and channel any negative emotions I have into doing something productive. I cannot thank Elisha enough for this course and if you have not taken part of the 21 Days Challenge to Freedom, what are you waiting for?

Deji Agunsoye


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