How to Prevent your under 6 year old from finding internet Pornography

Pornography use among young people is unavoidable. Further research says that its consumption increases with age. Here are some ways to prolong the inevitable. Starting with sex the talk.

Step one: Start Early! Don’t wait for an incident

Before entrusting them to their private internet, here are a few things you should do:

  • Develop a healthy relationship with them. Talk to them frequently and about general subjects. Discuss the sites they regularly visit and what happens there.
  • Use the internet together as a family. And let computers and iPads be in a populated part of the house, like living rooms and kitchens.
  • It will profit your child more if they are in the know before incidents occur. Let them know that if they by any chance come across an image or video whose content they aren’t sure of or that includes exposed human body parts while on the internet, they should be comfortable bringing it to you.
  • Reduce internet use by agreeing on what devices they are allowed to use, when they can use them (e.g. after homework) and for how long. You may decide that they should not use internet enabled devices unsupervised, for instance.

Step Two: Make it Simple and playful.

Though the conversation is serious, if you want to get through to them, your approach must be jovial and playful.

  • Start with something as simple as ‘so what are a few of your favourite sites”. You can bookmark them, so your child doesn’t stumble unto another site while attempting to visit a favourite website or while typing the link address.

Step Three: Utilize Parental Tools and Blocks

There are a lot of tools to allow parents to control children’s activity online and on their smartphones. Such apps make it so that the children cannot access specific sites or download things without a password only the parent possesses.

  • Scan through websites and apps before your child can use them.
  • It helps more than you know if you place devices in the more general areas of the house where people are more likely to be. Such as in the living room or kitchen.

Step Four: Know Your Child’s Friends

It is sad to imagine that even if you successfully go all helicopter mom and lock away all your child’s devices with a secure key, your child will still leave your house and run into some form of negative socialisation. Be it from a child who’s under-monitored and over provided for or from a school curriculum you don’t approve of.


This is an uncontrollable variable. As such, the only thing you can do in that case is to know your child’s friends, and how monitored they are in their homes. You can also monitor the curriculum of sex education presented to your child.

Step Five: Use this Checkpoint

It is crucial to consider the following questions when talking to kids about sex. With your children as these are the significant factors associated with pornography use, besides age, gender and self-esteem.

How often do you use the web?

How much time do you remain connected?

The longer the time spent online, the higher the chances of coming across some overly graphic online game or pop up pornographic ad.


We must realise that pornography addiction is a real condition and even more prevalent in boys. The dangers of the internet are numerous; thus, You must talk to your child about them.



Even though you have to set boundaries and rules, it is also imperative that you do not make those rules too stringent as it can work in reverse psychology and make your child more sneaky.


So, encourage openness by having an open mind and concerned tone, not an angry, blaming or judgmental one. Never use fear-instilling techniques; it is better to be open and honest.


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