Sex Education

How Peer Pressure can damage your child (Statistics)

Contrary to popular belief, peer pressure isn’t something that suddenly comes about in teenagehood. It is there from our earliest social interactions. Babies look to their mothers for cues on how to behave, toddlers look to their teachers and friends, and teens look to the ‘cool kids’.   As pack animals that we are, humans naturally look to the “alpha’s” to dictate our behaviour, what is acceptable and what isn’t. It’s just how we are. We even self-evaluate to see if our behaviour is in line with that of the rest of the pack.   Children in Primary or Elementary school are at a phase in their lives psychologists call the industry vs inferiority. At this stage, children form and […]

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Easy ways to start the Sex talk with your child

Have you put off talking to your child(ren) about sex because you didn’t know how? Did you start but awkwardly change the topic because you got nervous or uncomfortable?   I get it, it’s not particularly easy to start up a conversation about sex. That’s why we have come up with 3 easy ways to initiate the sex talk guaranteed to get the ball rolling.   The Television, Movies and the Media This is the most straightforward tool to educate your children with. Have you ever been to the movies as a family to see a movie? Was there a pregnant woman? Or a fast-forwarded sex scene? Or even just a kissing scene? How about an adopted orphan baby like […]

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Comprehensive Sex Education for your teenager

Sex education is a lifelong process. Assuming you have already taught the fundamental aspects of sex education in the earlier years, comprehensive sex education for your teenager should emphasise on the less biological and sexual aspects of it.   Such as contraceptives, sexuality, love and relationships, rape, sexual behaviours (e.g. Sexting), friendships and Family etc. Contraceptives Start by asking them if they have ever heard of a “contraceptive” and if they know what it is. If they do, have them explain it to you and correct any false notions. If they do not, teach them that though they may not be sexually active right now, they will be later in the future.   It is necessary for them to know […]

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Age Appropriate Sex Education better for Your Baby and Toddler – (Part one: Preschoolers – children under 6)

Every parent of a 4-year-old can testify that they are curious. They enjoy the exploration of their body and those of others. Oh and if all that extra energy and running around wasn’t enough, this is also a period of increased independence and self-confidence.   Thus translating to them confidently doing absurd things in public, such as asking another child to raise her dress, blatantly touching their genitals in public or even asking awkward, unexpected sex-related questions to other adults and at the wrong place.   If we are honest, at this age, it really isn’t sexuality education, but the foundation of it. The goal at this stage is to get kids confident and comfortable with their bodies and knowing […]

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Age Appropriate Sex Education better for Your School-age child (School age kids – 6 – 12)

Kids in this age group differ from preschoolers. Vague answers may have sufficed in previous years, but at this stage, they want detailed explanations, and they want them now.   Comprehensive explanations are sought after by your children as their questions become more complex, so it’s not uncommon to find them asking ‘why’ to every single thing they are told.   When talking to children of this age group about sex, three things are essential: Find out what they already know (this buys you time to think, helps you slow the conversation down and understand what they are thinking.) Correct any wrong notions (this is the place to correct any false ideas they previously had. For examples, ‘no, babies don’t […]

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