After installing the newest iOS updates, restoring your iPhone, or even attempting a call, your iPhone could be at risk of being locked into a continuous boot sequence. The first step towards fixing an iPhone stuck on Apple logo is force restart it. This is for any model of the iPhone. 2.1. Check our workshop contact and address below the blue button. My iPhone 7 is stuck in continuous reboot loop and the Apple logo comes and disappears on screen." Best of all, the program will fix your issue without any data being lost. Reasons responsible for the iPhone’s boot loop or stuck on Apple logo If there is any kind of malfunction in hardware such as battery and wifi adaptor this can be … If you don’t feel savvy enough to do it on your own, we suggest seeking the help of an Apple Support Center. Now the iTunes should be showing two buttons as above screenshot.But I need you to say this three times before you continue. 1. Your email address will not be published. Join our team. If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo If you have iOS 13 and tried to restore your iPhone from a backup or tried to migrate your iPhone from a previous device, you might see the Apple logo and progress bar on your screen for more than one hour. It just reinstalls the iOS. It would look like the photo below.At this point, we are pretty sure it’s a hardware problem. “Is the data still recoverable after erased?” This is the question almost every day people asking me. Note: I know your iPhone is still on the Apple loop and unable to enter the iOS. But in the meantime, the iPhone is stuck in the recovery mode. :) I tried using iTunes, but it wouldn’t even show up as a device on a computer (both PC and Mac). But there can be instances when your iPhone stops working for a variety of reasons. Because most of the time, the problem doesn’t appear immediately. How To Fix An iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo Loop- For iPhone- 6/6Plus, 7/7 Plus, 8/ 8 Plus,iPhone X, iPhone XR & iPhone XS (Max) Getting your iPhone Stuck on the Apple logo loop is one of the most common problems faced by iPhone users from all over the world. Switching to Mac is part of the AK Internet Consulting publishing family. 4. Nothing you can do but send to a professional like us to check it. If you have an iPhone Stuck issue on the Apple Logo Loading Screen. These particular repair tools not only help to correct boot loops but can also help with constant freezing issues, specific errors, and other iOS complications. Especially your iPhone gets hot sometimes. But there can be instances when your iPhone stops working for a variety of reasons. Required fields are marked *. This is also true should the complications stem from something deeper, such as a motherboard malfunction. In order to get the iPhone out of the Apple logo loop, you can try DFU mode as below: Hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. In addition to solutions to iPhone stuck on apple logo and turns off, two tips are provided for trivial but essential aspects. Once the update process is started, you will end up with 1 of the 3 scenarios. Knowing the response of the iPhone and how to diagnose it is very important. This is the standard first step in most iPhone recovery scenarios and may not always fix the problem. Many users also discover that their iPhone keeps on resetting or rebooting itself a number of times every few minutes or so. Once it is connected press the Volume Up button and release, then press Volume down button and release. The display logo might look different because different iOS versions will have a new logo for the recovery mode, so don’t worry about it. When the iPhone is stuck in boot loop after restoring iPhone or updating iOS using iTunes or Finder, the problem can due to the version of your iTunes or Mac operating system. Just click okay or continue. You are welcomed here to search a solution, because your iPhone has been sitting around doing absolutely nothing. Updated on 2020-05-25 / Update for iPhone Fix. This can happen during updates with an unstable connection, especially through iTunes, where the update gets stuck halfway through and is unable to pick up where it left off. A soft reset or forced restart should be able to deal with it. Select the preferred backup from the pop-up window and click, Once you see the iTunes logo pop-up on-screen, this indicates that the iPhone is in. Check Your iPhone's Charger and Use Original USB. Posted by 8 months ago. If you can’t get past the Apple logo on your iPhone screen, it means your device is probably stuck in a boot loop, rather than Recovery mode. But the iPhone is still stuck into the Apple logo and reboot loop.This is definitely a hardware problem too.So the Good news is — All the data is still remains. Posted by 8 months ago. If your iPhone or iPad device gets stuck on Apple logo screen after update to iOS 13, it should be fixed here. Recovery Mode boots up … While doing this, wait for the Apple logo to come on the screen. Click the icon of your device when it is recognized. Click Restore iPhone. If this happened to your iPhone, take a look inside its charging port and inspect your charging cable. But don’t worry, we can check it. My iPhone 8 Plus has an issue right now that is making it useless. Another simple way to fix iPhone stuck in boot loop is … So here is the article about the diagnosis and solution for iPhone repair beginner or End-Users. In order to solve a stuck Apple logo of a software problem, we are required to use a PC Windows or Mac with an internet connection. Restore iOS in DFU mode - Erase iPhone 8 (Plus) If the operating system is seriously crashed, and your iPhone 8 (Plus) still in an infinite loop of booting, you have no choice but enter DFU mode. My Iphone X was stuck on the apple logo after my storage was full and I restarted the phone. DO NOT release when you see the Apple logo. Countless people are asking me about what to do when their iPhone stuck Apple Logo or boot-loop. Understand that this method will also erase all data from your iPhone so make sure that you’re okay with it before moving forward.
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