We also provide truck-specific GPS navigation directions. With this app you can receive and manage loads, scan and send documents, track hours of service, get electronic signatures, access settlement statements, communicate with dispatch, and more. TruckLogics Mobile App for managing your trucking business. Our mobile app is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses and fleet managers working with small fleets of work trucks and delivery vehicles. Hurdlr. Austral GPS Car Tracker (GSM SMS) helps you to track and set your GPS Tracker. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker, Vehicle Tracking Device and Monitoring System with Real-Time Reports, 4G with Phone App ... Mini GPS Tracker TKSTAR Anti-Theft Real Time Tracking on App Anti-Lost GPS Locator Tracking Device for Bags Kids Satchels Important Documents Luggage TK901 3.1 out of … Help ensure customer satisfaction by having vehicle inventory readily available. You can find out about a vehicle collision or suspicious idle time without staying glued to your work computer. Trucker Path. Your vehicles don’t stop when you’re out of the office, and your fleet tracking shouldn’t, either. The new DAT One trucking app replaces the old DAT Trucker app, with a trucker-specific map that gives you the easiest way to find all the services you need while out on the road – without having to bounce from app to app. Trucker Path provides many features including navigation, parking status, fuel prices, weight stations, etc. Use smartphone or tablet for GPS tracking. *Full Warranty is per sec 7.3 of the TYT Service Agreement found here. Retail. With our dedicated My tracking package app, tracking your packages is easier than ever before. The Truck Stops, GPS – Road Hunter is an app that helps truck drivers search and plan their next fuel stop including fuel prices, restaurants and parking. Add others to your account for real-time vehicle fleet tracking. And while the last four sound like they could be Power Rangers, they’re actually some of the most intuitive vehicle tracking apps on the market. Tracking family members is also possible for this app. Know if your vehicles have arrived and are at the correct lot to help keep operating costs down from time spent tracking down missing vehicles. When you're in the office and ready to dig deep into the details, you have a full suite of features on the desktop application. Our powerful GPS mobile fleet management app is available for free download on your Android and Apple devices. Our mobile app can also notify you of other forms of downtime. You can use this information to improve your delivery speeds over time, so you're always meeting your customers' expectations. FamiSafe is a brilliant location tracking application designed with the … You can receive live alerts when vehicles leave their starting point and reach their destination. APPS Transport Groups seeking Professional Certified Lift Truck Operatiors Best Technical tips for your fleet from 2019 brought to you by Today's Trucking APPS Transport Group recieve Above and Beyond Carrier of the Year from PepsiCo. In fact, they refer to … Easy requests and acceptance. FedEx tracking provides unparalleled insight into when your package will be delivered. Onfleet. TRANSFLO Mobile+ is an app that works wonders for truck drivers. Trucking Apps. Price: Free / $5.99 per month / $79.99 per year. Because our app sends you these alerts in real time, you can jump on a call with the driver, discuss the incident and possibly prevent an accident altogether. Our app can notify you of up to 45 types of incidents in real-time using text and email alerts. Don’t be left behind. The best vehicle tracker apps for UK businesses: The package icon updates every two to three minutes as the package moves towards its destination. All data are auto-synced online for backup & easy management. The good news about our vehicle tracking app is that it allows you to configure your own alerts. Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker for Businesses, Tracki GPS – Track Cars, Kids, Pets, Assets & More, Cookies help us deliver our services. With EverTrack GPS Tracker you can … 30-day money back guarantee from the date the system is shipped excluding shipping and handling fees. With access to the right information on the go, you can instantly provide evidence of where the vehicle was during the time of the collision, and if the driver accelerated or braked safely. You can view activities in real-time and collect a broad range of valuable data. The app will continue to evolve, with all other DAT apps … Car Tracker uses its reminder feature to prompt you when your parking ticket runs out. It offers many of the same useful features available on the desktop tracking version. If a vehicle is on the road when a high-risk vehicle fault code comes on, you can get in touch with a driver and outline the next steps to get the truck safely to your service garage. Our top apps for vehicle tracking include Google Maps, Life360, Quartix, Verizon, Kinesis, and Masternaut. The data available through our vehicle tracking app empowers you to: If one of your fleet drivers experiences a collision or other safety incident, you need the ability to act fast. Trucker Path is a mapping tool used by more than 1,000,000 truck drivers, to find truck stops, weigh stations over-the-road. You can also track alerts for various unsafe driving behaviors, so you can intervene in real time and prevent potential accidents. In the digital age, customers have high expectations for reliability, so your trucks need to arrive when they're scheduled.

truck tracking app

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