It’s not the most popular home security system out there, but we’ve heard pretty good things about Alder Security. Then the strangest thing happened — when she said goodbye, we could still hear her fiddling at her desk for another 10-15 seconds before she finally hung up! Door window sensors 5. Some cities do require alarm verification by a security guard before dispatching5 the police. We found that, although the control panel has a 100-foot range, our walls intercepted the signal. ADT Awarded $4 Million, including Punitive Damages, in Lawsuit Against Alder. Burglar Alarm Systems. Alder’s proprietary control panel that replaced the GC2 no longer has that capability. We were able to arm and disarm our system, customize sensors, view our activity log, and that’s about it. Alder was incredibly easy to install. Another policy was the price-lock guarantee. And since Alder is 100% cellular-based — using 4G LTE cellular monitoring2 — we felt that our signal was reliable and our system was always connected. YI came… That said, it’s important to recognize that Alder is brand new to the app game, so we’re confident they’ll fix the bugs in the months to come. When we bid farewell to our Alder system after we were done testing it out, Alder took it back with no questions asked. Life Safety. may receive compensation from some providers listed on this page. Rob holds a Master’s of Science and is a former Producer in the USAToday network in NY. They won’t hesitate to offer you additional products and services if they see an opportunity, so unless you put your foot down and say, “This is what I want,” you might end up buying more than you originally wanted. After setting everything up, Alder activated the professional monitoring of our security system on the same day. Both offer 24/7 customer service. Rather than buying additional door/window sensors, we opted to be creative and use the motion sensor instead. The 30-day money-back guarantee didn't hurt, either! They also refunded our initial payments minus the return shipping cost, which we think was a fair deal. They were understanding and waived the alarm after verifying our identities. In addition to security monitoring, they offer video surveillance as well as medical alert and fire monitoring and motion detection. Each camera took about three minutes to set up with the help of in-app instructions. During one of our tests, it took their agents a full 45 seconds to reach out. Their simple-DIY installation process combined with a professionally monitored system is ideal for premium home security. In the end, the agent suggested we move the control panel closer to the back door or switch the placement of the sensor and the magnet. So if you’re considering one of these DIY systems, it might be worth it to hop on a call with one of Alder’s sales reps. All things considered, it’s not a bad solution for home security. Instead, the touchscreen panel works double-duty as your control center and smart hub, which we love to see. While we’re on the topic of technology, Alder has a smartphone app called Alder Security, which served as our control panel away from home. It has operations in all 50 states, it caters to everyone looking to protect their residence whether it's owned or being rented, and it doesn't require a certain credit score to avail its services. Alder Is For Almost Everybody Unlike other security companies, Alder is not choosy about its potential customers. Gotta catch those Z’s! They also have video tutorials on how to use different features. We were told it could last for up to 24 hours on a single charge, which should be enough to weather typical blackout. Home Security. Video doorbell camera 9. Although we didn’t have any real emergencies while testing Alder, fortunately, we accidentally set off the alarm a couple of times, and the emergency response was straightforward. In many areas, teams of seasonal commissioned “door knockers” and installers are deployed to penetrate a market. Also, be ready to sign a 42-month agreement if you don’t purchase your equipment upfront. Even though we aren’t completely impressed by everything Alder had to offer, the system still checks most of the boxes for quality home security. to the powerful iPads of today. Is there a mobile app for smartphone controls? Alder has a price-lock guarantee, so you can have peace of mind that your plan cost will not increase over time. To satisfy our curious minds, we purchased an Alder security system along with a monitoring contract. Keyfob 2. You can do so on the touchscreen panel under Settings > System > Test System > Sensor Signal Walk Test. So whenever we had a false alarm going off, it took us an extra 5-10 seconds to put in our PIN and wait for the app to load. ... faulty security system. Also, the packaging was on-brand right down to the user manual. Alder’s smart hub sure beats the standard push-button keypads that we see from other DIY brands (even Ring’s 2nd Gen system still comes with a push-button keypad!). Hey, we’re not perfect! Our only qualm about the camera was its limited field of vision. The install wizard had us pair each of our sensors to the control panel, and then mount them around our home, one-by-one. Unlike other home security apps we’ve tried, Alder’s app doesn’t offer live-stream video monitoring or anything fancy like that. Are the New Verified Response Laws Making Your Old Security System Obsolete? Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from some of the companies whose products we review. That applies to older Alder systems that use a GC2 touchscreen control panel, which had Z-Wave capabilities, so it connected to Z-Wave smart thermostats and other home automation components. With Alexa, we were able to arm our system and check its arming status with our voice using our Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. He guided us on how to troubleshoot the system over the phone until we eventually found the issue. We figured Alder might do the trick to keep burglars at bay and keep us safe in our home. Rather, its connection was 100% cellular, so it was reliable and ran even when our internet went out (which happens all too often). My Account. On the other hand, we felt very secure in our home, knowing that Alder’s reliable 4G LTE cellular monitoring was always there for us, and that goes a long way. Alder's home security costs are on the lower end of security pricing. Now take a closer look… see something missing? But we know a better way: use some adhesive velcro instead ($3 at Walmart). Alder claims 7-second response times on their website, but we experienced closer to 30 second average response times (still not bad). (2020). Alder can be nailed without splitting or screwed without pre-drilling. The sensor showed up just fine on our control panel when we ran a connectivity test, but it couldn’t set off an alarm even when the system was armed. Home Security Life Safety Cameras Verify Rep. 855.497.7851. The agent still has to verify the alarm and report the incident to the proper authorities. Alder doesn’t include a base station, which is a critical component with most systems. The Alder app only gets 3 stars (see below), but we’d hesitate to rate it even 2 stars. We simply followed their three-step installation guide to set up the base system: The first step took the longest as it involved connecting the sensors to the panel, setting the disarm PIN, and adjusting the settings. We may earn compensation from some providers below. Is the Touchscreen Control Panel any good? Cameras Verify Rep. Support. But we’re not here to judge Alder’s past. For instance, we didn’t like the limited camera options and smart home features. Get support for your Alder home security systems through email or over the phone. Alder Security is a Utah based home security company that has been around over 10 years. See the image we snapped below. The Good. Alder believes in quality home security, protection, & service without compromise. Every good home security system should have attractive options. All fairly standard… so far. Note that each entry sensor and motion sensor has double-sided tape for easy install. You might be wondering if Alder has what it takes to scare away intruders. (2020). Well, the touchscreen control panel is all those in one. But while reading the user manual (page 4) we found that Alder has a “screen cleaning” mode that turns off all controls for 30 seconds, allowing us to get it squeaky clean. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) now offers customers the option to purchase alder entry doors certified as s… We did find some kinks in Alder’s software, especially with their app. We mostly controlled our Alder system with the key fob. So even if you’re new to home security systems, we think you’ll find Alder to be a good perimeter system for burglar detection. Alder is an alarm company offering alarm systems and professional monitoring. Alder is well-suited to large-scale projects, and supply is not an issue. Use those if you’re having trouble with the installation. They are also known for their fast response times. Customer Support.

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