11 Harmful Effects of Pornography in Kids Every Parent Should Know

Your children will watch porn somehow. There’s now no doubt about it. New research shows that most children would have come into contact with porn before or by the time they are 11 years old.


Pornography is just horrible. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The adverse effects of porn watching in adults and children alike are growing by the day. In no particular order, here are eleven negative impacts porn has on your child.

1. Porn and sex addiction

Although many have refused to admit the reality of pornography addiction, pornography sparks brain activity and reward centres in sex addicts just as drugs sparks those in drug addicts, according to a recent study.


Another research shows that 10% of 12 – 13-year-old children fear that they may have a porn addiction. Google analytics show that pornography searches increase by 4700% when children are back home from school. Coincidence? I think not.


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2. Early sexual activity

Children under 14 make up 57% of porn watchers under 18. If kids are exposed to porn before they are 10, then you can be damn sure that they will be involved in sex earlier too. And not just have sex; they would also want to practice the things they have seen in the porn. Even the extreme fetishes.

3. Negative effects on the mind

The fear that porn is capable of shaping young minds is not just hypothetical. Remember when we were younger, if we stumbled unto pornography, it was likely just a picture of a naked man or woman. Today it’s worse. If a child ‘stumbles’ upon porn, its hardcore and often involves fetishes. Even the landing page of porn sites is capable of causing a lifetime of damage.


Psychologists and psychiatrists tell us that children under 10 are at a stage where their frontal lobes are still developing. Vital aspects of their brains and minds are still developing. Porn watching can impair this development.

4. Future Relationships

Because their frontal lobes are not well prepared to allow them to make judgements, kids grow and begin to think that porn depicts what normal relationships are like.


If from the start, porn programs their minds to such intensity of sexual behaviour, they will never be able to cultivate a healthy romantic relationship in the future.


Longitudinal research showed that teens who watched porn daily tend to prefer extreme or illegal types of porn. They often tried to act out the porn in their relationships. These are teens whose brains are more developed! Just imagine how it’ll be for children.

5. Loss of motivation for other extracurriculars

Real-life stories from porn addicts have revealed that the earlier and more frequently children watch porn, the more they begin to lose interest for much else besides sex and watching porn.


This means goodbye to our future collegiate level sports stars on scholarships, no, porn has ruined their minds.

6. Disrespect of women

Because porn often depicts the mistreatment of women, children who watch porn daily are more likely to maltreat women. Research showed that regular female porn watchers were less likely to help a fellow female in the event she is being threatened or assaulted.


The same study showed that boys who watch porn are more likely to see sex as purely physical. They measure their worth by the number of girls they can sleep with and see females as tools for sex.

7. Real-life sex becomes less enjoyable  

This is the age-long argument against pornography consumption, and it’s true! If a real-life person cannot meet up with the expectation gotten from years of watching professionals in porn, they wouldn’t enjoy sex even as adults – Former Child-porn addicts tell us.

8. Learn poor sexual habits

Porn has such a substantial effect on its watchers, especially children. Studies, for example, show the relationships between watching unprotected sex in porn and having real-life unprotected sex.

9. Increases the possibility of infidelity

Because the actors in pornography are many times seen with more than one sexual partner, even at the same time. Children will go on intrinsically convinced that people should have many sexual partners.

10. Porn is a gateway drug

Just as with drugs, one drug leading to the use of another, so also with sex and negative sexual behaviours. One research found a relationship between porn watching and future fetishes and the use of prostitutes and escort agencies.

11. Erectile Dysfunction

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you are hearing this, one can choose to doubt. However, real-life porn addicts tell us that after the first encounter with sex between ages 9 and 11, and years of watching pornography daily, problems were developed with being aroused without watching porn in early adulthood.


Here’s a bonus consequence of porn watching in children: they are unable to have platonic relationships with the opposite sex. 16- 18-year-old teenagers say that regular porn watching has impaired their ability to have platonic relationships with the opposite sex. One particularly noted that he had to stop watching porn when he kept imagining his female friends with cum on their faces.


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Our goal as parents should be to preserve their youth as long as we can because of the critically significant adverse effects of porn.


Here’s how to prevent pornography consumption in children.


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